Eventador is priced based on an Eventador Processing Unit (EPU). An EPU is a unit of processing capability billed per hour, and invoiced monthly. Usage is rounded up to the nearest hour.

Eventador Processing Unit Matrix

Eventador Component Instance Type EPU/hr/instance Cost hr/instance
SQLStreamBuilder m5.xlarge 0.44 $0.22
Runtime for Apache Flink t3.medium 0.12 $0.06
Runtime for Apache Flink m5.xlarge 0.32 $0.16

Customized pricing is available, please contact Eventador Sales for a quote. Enterprise support is available.

Monthly invoicing is available.

To get started now, you can sign up at Eventador.Cloud.

AWS Billing

Because assets are created in the account you specify - costs for AWS assets are billed directly to you from AWS and are separate from the Eventador bill.