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The Eventador Platform

The Eventador Platform is an enterprise-grade streaming data platform that allows you to write, deploy, and manage stream processing at massive scale. Eventador treats everything as a stream to perform queries upstream of any database for massive performance advantages. The Eventador Platform has some key attributes:

  • Query data upstream of databases for massive performance and cost advantages.
  • Automatically infer schemas for unstructured data.
  • Build queries interactively using standard SQL.
  • Query perpetually using ContinuousSQL™.
  • Materialize results as durable data API's or push data to a variety of sinks.
  • Robust state management for scalability, recoverability and high performance SQL.

It is highly useful for:

  • Building data conduits for real-time reporting, dashboards and analytics.
  • Performing data science on batch data, streams, or both.
  • Building streaming applications in languages like javascript, python, ruby, etc.
  • Providing a common and robust self-service platform for organizations to solve a myriad of real-time/streaming use-cases.

It has two main components:

Eventador SQLStreamBuilder™

Eventador SQLStreamBuilder (SSB) is a comprehensive interface for creating stateful stream processing jobs using Structured Query Language (SQL). By using SQL, you can simply and easily declare expressions that filter, aggregate, route, and otherwise mutate streams of data. SQLStreambuilder is a job management interface that allows for ContinuousSQL to be composed and executed on streams as well as the creation of durable data API's for the results.

Runtime for Apache Flink is a simple, secure and fully managed Apache Flink platform. The Eventador Flink stack allows you to write Flink jobs in Java/Scala that process streaming data to/from any source or sink including Apache Kafka.

Getting Started

Get started now by checking out the getting started guide.