What is Eventador.io?

Eventador.io is an enterprise-grade streaming data platform that allows you to write, deploy, and manage stream processing at massive scale.

Eventador SQLStreamBuilder™

Eventador SQLStreamBuilder (SSB) is a comprehensive interface for creating stateful stream processing jobs using Structured Query Language (SQL). By using SQL, you can simply and easily declare expressions that filter, aggregate, route and otherwise mutate streams of data.

Fully Managed Apache Flink is a simple, secure and fully managed Apache Flink platform. The Eventador Flink stack allows you to write Flink jobs that process streaming data to/from any source or sink including Apache Kafka easily and seamlessly.

Eventador Elements™

Eventador Elements, a library of curated and fully managed plug-ins, provide the connectors, sources, sinks, and other add-ons that unlock the potential of your streaming data infrastructure.